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For businesses of all sizes with advanced features of the fleet of trucks, including GPS, door sensors, and lift gates.


Domestic Cargo Warehousing

Our warehousing services provide pick/pack/crate, container loading/unloading, heavy lift/special project shipping,


Foreign Trade Zone Cargo Warehousing

Our foreign trade zone service efficiently unloads and segregates cargo for quick imports and exports.


Our Special SERVICES

Our warehousing services provide a comprehensive approach to your logistics needs.


Our foreign trade zone service offers efficient unloading and segregation of cargo to ensure quick processing of imports and exports.

Local Distribution

Our local distribution network serves Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties twice a week, making timely delivery of your goods a top priority. Additionally, if your cargo requires the payment of duties, CEI can issue Form 7512 for export transportation entry and manifest of goods subject to CBP inspection and permit, making the exporting process a breeze.

Segregation Bar Code ID

With our advanced bar code ID system, we guarantee accurate inventory control and tracking of your goods throughout the entire process.

Airline Cargo Trucking Vendor

Reliable and efficient vendor for airline cargo trucking. We work with major airlines such as Southwest, Delta, and American Airlines. With their expertise in transportation logistics, we ensure that the cargo is delivered on time and in good condition.

Pick-Up Pack Order and Storage

We provide comprehensive pick-up, pack order, and storage services to ensure the safe and secure storage of your cargo.

Truck Sizes

We offer a variety of truck sizes for your transportation needs, including cargo vans and trucks ranging from 16 to 53 feet. Our service can accommodate items that require refrigeration or larger items that need a flatbed or roller bed. We also have a tractor-trailer option for bigger shipments.

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